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And I'm awesome.

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Hello there =) My name's Carrie. I'm a 22-year-old former college student. I double majored in English and Africana Studies, which basically means that since I don't want to teach, I'm going to be broke the first few years after I graduate, pretty much like I am now.

My roles on cB have been varied. I was a lurker for a while, then began designing Xanga layouts. Then I joined the moderating team on xanga staff and worked my way up to head staff. Then I stepped down and became a mentor. I don't do that anymore, so now I just hang out, I guess. And now I'm back on the moderating team, as People Staff --> Head Staff.

Besides spending a lot of time on cB, I like to read, watch a sickening amount of reality television, listen to music, attend to concerts, hit up bars, and perfect the art of preciousness.
Name Carrie
Gender Female
Age 23
Location Washington, DC
Ethnicity Black / African
Interested in Men
Status Single
Interests feeling gloomy, the internet, taking pictures, being retarded and obnoxious, gin and tonics, being legal, strongbow, the word precious, being petty and superficial, perez hilton, backdooring it on the bus, procrastinating, breaking the mold, dancing, crunchy nut, chasing pigeons, kissing, missing london, watching podcasts of the news, anderson cooper, internet pool, driving fast, epic literature, nail polish, corona, funky hats
Music pretty much everything
Movies the godfather i & ii, goodfellas, the wiz, west side story, grease, bend it like beckham, rocky horror picture show, napoleon dynamite
TV america's next top model, project runway, what not to wear, anything fashion related, top chef, american idol, and reality tv in general, skins, british documentaries, heroes, kings, countdown with keith olbermann
Books too many

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hey babe. how's the summer going?

By -DressYourEyelids- on Aug 22, 2009 12:55 pm · History

hello carrie girl!!!
im so happy that you're head staff! i knew you'd be here!!!

By heyyfrankie on Aug 3, 2009 10:01 pm · History

hi :)
wow. a familiar face. i remember you when i used to have an account registered under deplorable. i said i'd never return... but i have xD
i love your work

By -DressYourEyelids- on May 29, 2009 8:46 pm · History

So how much longer till it goes down?

By Maccabee on Mar 26, 2009 6:54 pm · History

Shouldnt my warning be removed? it has two weeks and one day.

By Maccabee on Mar 23, 2009 6:48 pm · History

Oh, I' got bored of the Celia one.
AND of course you can use the Allison icon! (:

By creole on Mar 14, 2009 8:32 pm · History

So are you interested in writing, journalism?

By synapse on Feb 24, 2009 11:40 pm · History

If you have a B.A in English, how come you don't go into teaching or something? :-\

By synapse on Feb 20, 2009 3:58 pm · History

where'd you get that clip on your avi from?

By smash on Feb 18, 2009 3:19 am · History

Lmao you know you love it just as much as me haha

By DoubleJ on Dec 19, 2008 12:50 pm · History
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