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I actually haven't been to D&B in AGES. Which is really funny because I found my power card the other day.

Posted by hi-C on Dec 19, 08 6:54 pm

Lmao you know you love it just as much as me haha

Posted by DoubleJ on Dec 19, 08 12:50 pm

Booooooooooooo @ Dave & Busters =P

Posted by hi-C on Dec 17, 08 12:42 am

I didn't go because I wound up going to Dave and Busters

Posted by DoubleJ on Dec 16, 08 7:05 pm

Did you end up going to the sci-fi party?

Posted by hi-C on Dec 10, 08 12:30 pm

I won't be there! =( I can't come up to NY this weekend D=

Posted by hi-C on Dec 4, 08 7:50 pm

Well I'll just show up and be cool which won't be hard for me. Hopefully if I see you there we can have a beer or something.

Posted by DoubleJ on Dec 4, 08 3:07 pm

Eh, there probably won't be that many people in costume. Although this party is partly inspired by the NYU SciFi Club which my friend goes to so maybe there will... =\

Posted by hi-C on Dec 4, 08 1:50 pm

ROFL! I'll probably be the only one who is not in sci-fi clothes

Posted by DoubleJ on Dec 4, 08 1:33 pm

You could be a robot or a... hmm... Star Wars/Trek character or a... hmm... I can't think of anything else off the top of my head XD

And I'm supposed to be Jubilee from the X-Men.

Posted by hi-C on Dec 3, 08 9:52 pm

Hey what is your theme in your pic for cbntm?

Posted by DoubleJ on Dec 3, 08 1:19 pm

HAHA! I don't know anything about sci-fi haha

Posted by DoubleJ on Dec 2, 08 7:13 pm

Not if you don't want to. But it would be awesome if you did =D

Posted by hi-C on Dec 2, 08 4:05 pm

Do I have to dress in sci - fi gear on Saturday?

Posted by DoubleJ on Dec 2, 08 1:58 pm

You know what? I don't even use cookbooks. I mainly get my recipes from the internet -- epicurious.com is my main go-to site. The most recent cookbook I bought was a present for my dad, an autographed copy of Padma Lakshmi's latest book, "Tangy, Tart, Hot and Sweet." I haven't made anything out of it, but those recipes seem awesome.

Posted by hi-C on Nov 22, 08 10:49 am

You need to tell me some good cookbooks that you have!

Posted by DoubleJ on Nov 21, 08 1:56 pm

Yo, at the first party we (me and my friend Drew) did, it was so fuckin' ghetto. I did a lame ass burlesque thing to this song by Peaches. And I got a dollar! =D

But at the party this Saturday there's apparently going to be a professional burlesquer and a troupe that does tricks with flaming hula hoops. It's going to be AWESOME.

Posted by hi-C on Oct 10, 08 2:45 pm

Is that so? I may come lol! It better not be any ghetto shit lmao

Posted by DoubleJ on Oct 9, 08 11:45 pm

Soooo... on the 11th, I'm coming up to NY and throwing this party in Brooklyn. It's going to be all kinds of craziness and you should come.

Posted by hi-C on Sep 29, 08 11:00 pm
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